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GRO. Learning Gardens

We initiated our first learning garden project in 2008 in Cleveland, OH at our children's elementary school. We both have experience in the field of education, one as an environmental educator and the other as an elementary teacher, and in the field research in the areas of experiential and embodied education both in formal and informal educational settings. We've worked in preschools, k-12 schools, alternative schools, after-school programs, nature centers, summer camps, as well as in higher education teaching graduate courses in field-based qualitative research methods and the foundations of education. We've published our work in experiential, immersion, and embodied education in both academic and practitioner journals.


Being outside surrounded by nature, as well as gardening, is a passion for us as individuals. We also believe that being outside and working together to produce our food is what connects us together, as humans on this planet. We live in a time when personally connecting to the earth by working alongside each other is even more necessary than ever before - and there is no place better than in the garden.

Organic Garden
Organic Garden


Our mission is to foster environmental and community values of stewardship, sustainability, engagement and responsibility through garden education

Organic Garden


Develop ecological literacy and a sense-of-place in our community through sustainable gardening


Create a sustainable model of community engaged stewardship and sustainability through education


Address social, economic and ecological needs of our community


Provide food and well-being for our community

Community Garden

Three Pillars of Sustainability

Germinated Plant

Ecological Vitality

Biodiversity; permaculture; stewardship of our water, soil and air; provide space for non-humans

Family Garden

Social Vitality

Sense of place; inter-generational community well-being; experiential education; multiple histories; human health; equitable access and resource security

Woman with Crate of Vegetables

Economic Vitality

Partnerships that demonstrate sustainable and responsible practices; diverse range of community partners; local producers and food networks

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